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An archive of older blog posts :

Be Careful What You Wish For… – February 1st 2015
A reflection on the misuse of Jeremiah 29:11.

Heroic Idolatry – November 26th 2014
The danger of allowing our heroes to become idols

Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner – November 10th 2014
Should we tell people that we love sinners, but hate sin?

I Don’t Like Myself – October 21st 2014
Reflecting on issues involving Social Media.

What’s Disturbing About the Scottish Referendum? – September 11th 2014
Reflecting on Christians’ attitudes during the Referendum debate.

Are You Afraid? – September 19th 2014
A reflection on the results of the Scottish Referendum.

One Holy, Catholic Church – March 6th 2013
A reflection on the unity of the Church in light of the Papal Elections.

A Spiritual Diet? – February 28th 2013
A reflection on the purpose of Lent.

A Sorry State of Affairs January 16th 2013
Reflecting on the sinful state of humanity (and this blog).

Time For Everything – January 7th 2012
A New Year reflection on the passage of time.

Joy to the World – December 11th 2011
A reflection on why Christmas is meant to be a joyful time.

Advent 2014
Week 1, beginning 1st December: Someone is Coming
Week 2, beginning 7th December: Mary & Joe
Week 3, beginning 14th December: The Shepherds
Week 4, beginning 21st December: The Maji

Holy Week 2013
Palm Sunday- Jesus’ Fate
Holy Monday- Who Am I?
Holy Tuesday- Why?

Holy Wednesday- Bring Me Home

Maundy Thursday- The Last Supper

Good Friday- The King Is Dead

Holy Saturday- The Most Forgotten Day of the Year?

Easter Sunday- Long Live the King!
Easter Monday- The Never Ending Story