Is Jesus Alive?

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? As Christians, we believe that He did. We call this the Resurrection. We also believe there is evidence to support Jesus’ Resurrection.

At Dalziel St. Andrew’s Parish Church, we have begun a new preaching series focussing on the Resurrection of Jesus. You can catch up on these services on our YouTube channel, or you can join us at 11am on a Sunday morning – we’d be delighted if you joined us!

We have also identified some resources which will help you if you wish to explore further the Resurrection of Jesus. We have listed these below. We hope you will find them an encouragement and a blessing.

Did the resurrection really happen?
Resurrection: history or legend?
Is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ true?

Alive: What Could Jesus Resurrection Mean for You? 
by Dan Clark

by D.A. Carson

The Case for Easter
by Lee Strobel


The Case for the Resurrection of Christ

In this video, Lee Strobel explains his book The Case for Easter.


Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

This video, from Institute 360 explores in a conversational way, some of the main objections to the Christian faith. A warning to parents: this video states that Santa is a myth.